Know About Form 16

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Read the article to understand Form 16 Form 16- An Overview Form 16/ Certificate of TDS (Tax Deducted At Source) is a legal document provided by the employer to the employee at the end of every financial year which includes the information about the TDS from the income of the employee i.e., employee’s salary and that [...]

Complete knowledge about 16A

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Form 16A   When one person makes payment to another then according to the income tax rules a portion of the total payment is to be paid to the Income Tax Department as a tax. This tax is called Tax Deducted at Source or TDS. The Person who makes the payment is called the Deductor and [...]

Form – 16 & Verification

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Form 16 Form 16 which is also called Salary Certificate issued by the employer to all his employees for every accounting year. This is what we called  “Tax deduction at source (TDS)” certificate. It is very important for a salaried employee from the point of view of Income Tax. While Income Tax Return Filing, one should submit [...]