ITR-3 Form

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Structure of ITR-3 Form   ITR-3 Form The ITR-3 Form especially applies to those Individuals and Hindu Undivided Families who are enlisted as partners in a firm. According to Rule 12 of the Income Tax Rules, 1962, the ITR-3 does not apply to the individuals who are proprietors of a firm. Mainly, it is for the [...]

ITR-1 Sahaj Form

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 ITR-1 Form The ITR-1 Form, also known as ITR-1 Sahaj Form is an essential form for salaried individuals of India which is issued by Income Tax Department for income tax return filing. Every citizen is obligated to file returns at the end of financial year with the Income Tax Department. It should be filed before the due date. [...]

With the help of evc, E-verify your Individual Return

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E-verify your ITR   EVC refers to electronic verification code. It is a 10 digit alphanumeric code that is unique to a PAN card and generated to verify the individual return electronically. It can be generated through e-Filing portal and is valid for 72 hours. If it is generated through Aadhar Card, it is only valid [...]