How to revise your income tax return

File Revised Income Tax Return


Income tax return is a statement of earning from all different sources of income, liability of tax arising therefrom, details of payment of tax and any refunds that have to be made by the government. In order to provide sufficient time to people paying tax, the deadline to furnish these details is after four months after the end of financial year so that they have time to collect all the data and to report accurately.

Non filing of income tax return is penalized and scrutinized by the government.

If there is any error or omission in filing of income tax return we can always filed a revised return but the necessary condition for filing of revised return is that the original return has to filed before 31st July.

Revised return of income tax can be filed under provisions of Section 139(5), however it can be filed only if the mistake was unintentional and it does not protect the person who has filed returns with a malicious intent. The revised return can be filed within a period of one year from the relevant assessment year. If the assessment is already done by income tax department then no revised return can be filed.

It can be filed when there is any omission or a wrong statement has been filed in the income tax return. For Example: If contribution made to any charitable organization is not shown and the tax exemption is not received from the government.

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Revised returns can be either be filed online or offline, however filing of revised returns will depend upon the filing of the original return if original return has been filed online then revised return has to be filed online otherwise it has to filed offline if the original is filed offline.

ONLINE: In an online revision we have to provide the acknowledgment number and date of the filing of original return. Log on to the website of the income tax department (, and you have to open the form where you have filed the original return.there we will have to enable macros and select the option of revised return by selecting section 139(5). Now after mentioning the date and acknowledgment number you will be enabled to make changes. After making the necessary changes, we have to click on compute tax, validate each sheet to generate an XML file and upload the final file. On successful filing of the revised the return we have to download the document and sign it, then both the original and revised copies must be sent by post either ordinary or speed to the Central Processing Center located in Bangalore. We can revise the income tax returns any number of times without any restriction within the prescribed time limit. After revising a return the original or the previous version shall be withdrawn and be replaced with the revised version.

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