ITR Form 2A

All you need to know about ITR Form 2A


The Income Tax Department has initiated a new form called ITR  Form 2A. This is mainly for Individuals and Hindu Undivided Families who is a salaried income and owns more than a house and does not have profits in the equity markets. ITR 1 is a very basic form and which is allowed to provide limited details. As a result of  these limitations, most of salaried employees should fill ITR 2 and the complexity is high. So there is ITR  form 2A , which contains details more than ITR- 1 and with a less complexity.

Eligibility of ITR form 2A:

  • Individual having salary income owning more than a single house.
  • Individuals having long term capital gains, done their transactions on Securities Transaction Tax are submitted.
  • Individuals whose income also from lotteries/race horses.

Not Applicable to:

  • Individuals, whose income is from the equity market.
  • Individuals, whose income is from business/profession.
  • Individuals, who have claimed under Section 90, 90A or 91.
  • NRI’s having any financial assets
  • A Resident of India, having assets outside the country.

Mandatory Clauses, when to file ITR-2

  • When gross income exceeds more than 5 lakh.
  • When you want a refund.
  • When you want DTAA relief.

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