Different ITR Filing in India

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Here are the details of different ITR Filings in India, know each of them before filing  What is Income Tax Return/ITR filing? Every individual in India has to pay taxes depending upon his Income Tax Slab and is required to present the statement of his income to the Income Tax Department for the whole year at [...]

E-file your tax returns without a form-16

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E-file tax returns without Form-16 Form-16 is one of the most important income tax forms. It contains the information you need to prepare for your income tax return in India. It is necessary for the employer to provide a Form-16 to all its employees. But, if your employer does not provide you with a Form 16 [...]

E-Filing with Multiple Form 16s

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How to e-file with multiple form 16s?   Introduction Income Tax Form 16 is a form in which an employee collects from its employer. It certifies that the TDS on the salary of the employee has been deducted by the employer. It is mandatory for the employer to issue a Form 16 to its employee before [...]

How to file Income Tax Return

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A Tour Guide to e-file Income Tax Return   Introduction : People have started filing and e-filing Income Tax Return (ITR) and the last date for the same is the 31st of July. So, for those of you who are new at this or those who want to know more about the how’s and where’s, we’re [...]

Can I submit past years income tax return?

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No worries if you miss ITR filing! File your past year's Income tax return now!!! Online filing is an acute and a faster way of income tax return filing. But sometimes we overlook to file about ITR and always there is a question “can I file it now?" The utmost date for filing an ITR for [...]