How to revise your income tax return

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File Revised Income Tax Return   Income tax return is a statement of earning from all different sources of income, liability of tax arising therefrom, details of payment of tax and any refunds that have to be made by the government. In order to provide sufficient time to people paying tax, the deadline to furnish these [...]

Way to recover your income tax department password

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Recover your Income Tax Department Password in very easy steps!!! Now, The Income Tax Department made easier to recover you password in very easy way. Forgetting password is very common mistake that every individual make, in case if there is any chance that you forget your password, here given a detailed process how can you recover [...]

Advance Tax – Guide

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Advance Tax   Advance Tax is a way of collection of tax by the government. If total income of an asessee exceeds Rs 10,000 in a financial year, tax is payable in installments of your yearly tax payable. It should be paid in the year in which the income is earned. In other words, it is [...]


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FURNISH PAN WHEN TDS DEDUCTED The importance of PAN card has been increasing with time. Importance of PAN card is never understood by a common person. This article shall provide a depth into the importance of PAN card and its advantage in TDS. WHAT IS PAN CARD? PERMANENT ACCOUNT NUMBER:” It is a unique 10 digit [...]

TDS on Bank Deposits

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Tax Deducted at Source   What is TDS? TDS stand for Tax Deducted at source is a way the government collects tax from individuals, where the person making a payment is responsible to collect part of the payment as TDS (prescribed rate) and pay the money to government on behalf of the person earning the money. [...]

Pay your self assessment tax- Guide

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Self Assessment Tax   Before Income tax return filing, the assessee is required the total tax liability and need to compare it with the advance tax paid. The difference between the two is the amount the assessee owes to the government. The difference between total tax liability and tax paid by the assessee is Self Assessment [...]

How to e-file Form-16 using TaxRaahi

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e-filing Form-16   Step 1: Go to and click for free e-file form-16 option.   Step 2: Click on Upload form 16.  Locate and Upload your PDF.   Step3:  You will get a screen like this, containing summary of income, deduction and taxes. Click on proceed.   Step 4: Fill all your required information accordingly.   [...]

Downloading your ITR-V form

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How to download your ITR-V Follow these steps to download your ITR-V form – Step 1 :- Go  to and login to your account Step 2 :- To see your e-filed Income Tax returns select “View/Return Forms”. Step 3 :- Click on the Acknowledgement No. of the for downloading the ITR-V Form. Step 4 :- Select ITR-V/Acknowledgement [...]

ITR E-Filing Guide

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ITR E-Filing   What is e-Filing? E-filing simply means to file your income tax return electronically (online). Earlier most people used to physically E-file ITR in India by going to income tax department. But as the digital era came, majority of people started to file returns online. It is far easier and less tiring. It does not [...]

With the help of evc, E-verify your Individual Return

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E-verify your ITR   EVC refers to electronic verification code. It is a 10 digit alphanumeric code that is unique to a PAN card and generated to verify the individual return electronically. It can be generated through e-Filing portal and is valid for 72 hours. If it is generated through Aadhar Card, it is only valid [...]