How will Imports be Taxed Under GST?

The present government has put the much-awaited GST law in effect to ensure the nationwide uniformity of taxation laws under one regime. This helps in making the taxation process simplified by avoiding multiple taxation filing at both central and state level. Therefore, business owners, working professionals generating income by providing [...]


How changes in Income Tax Rates affect you

How changes in Income Tax Rates affect you Change in Income Tax rates may either encourage or discourage individuals to invest and work more/less. It is also related with economic growth of the country. If taxes are high, it will definitely hamper the national income. On the other hand, Income [...]

Important Lessons from Panama Papers case

Important Lessons from Panama Papers case About 11.5 million papers shining a light on how some of the world’s richest hid billions of dollars to avoid tax were leaked containing information about the black dealings last year. The Panamanian law firm and service provider whose papers got leaked, Mossack Fonseca [...]

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Income Declaration Scheme 2016

Income Declaration Scheme 2016 With the Income Tax Department discovering Rs. 43,000 crore of undisclosed income in the last two fiscal years and the problem of black money still prevalent in India, the Ministry of Finance on 11th of May introduced the Income Declaration Scheme 2016 in a bid to [...]