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E-way Bill Integration can never be so easier!! Generate EWB directly from your billing software using Taxraahi EWB Pass Through API

  • Quick and Easy Integration
  • RESTful APIs based on JSON format
  • Sandbox Testing before going to production phase
  • Sample Codes and Easy to understand Documentation

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E-Way Bill API

Taxraahi proudly presents to you, our GST & E-way Bill API for generating the e-way bill via site-to-site API integration. Our API interface acts as a bridge by providing pass-through APIs. The pass-through APIs enable the taxpayer to access data and generate e-Way Bill directly through the government websites. Easy to integrate with minimal setup costs, we provide you with a choice to use from over 22 APIs to simplify e-Way bill genreation for clients and meeting their Service Level Agreements [SLAs]. High performing APIs with performance monitoring will be provided to you with descriptive documentation and sample codes along with sandbox testing before going into the production phase.

Notable Features of Taxraahi EWB-API

The eway-bill API from Taxraahi provides comprehensive e-Way Bill generation solutions for your development environment. Here are some of the most striking features of our APIs.

  • Pass through API Interface
  • Quick and Easy Integration
  • Developer-Friendly Structure with very minute setup Costs
  • APIs secured with HTTPS protocol
  • RESTful APIs based on JSON format
  • Unwavering Tech Support
  • Sandbox Testing before going to production phase
  • Sample Codes and Easy to understand Documentation


API Function

TaxRaahi API are pass through API, this means you can directly send data and receive response from the EWB server. TaxRaahi’s API is a bridge between you and EWB. Following are the steps of API function:

Step 1

Integrate TaxRaahi API with your accounting software

Step 2

Start Testing on the sandbox enviornment for the initial period

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Step 3

After successfully testing on sandbox enviornment commence the production API

APIs Provided

API NAME Description
GENTOKEN Generate Access Token
CHECKTOKEN Check Validity of Access Token
GENEWAYBILL Generate Eway Bill
GETEWAYBILL Get Details of Generated Eway Bill
GETEWAYBILLSFORTRANSPORTERBYGSTIN Get All Eway Bill for Transporter Generated by Particular GSTIN
GETEWAYBILLSOFOTHERPARTY Get Eway Bill Details Generated by Other Party
VEHEWB Update Vehicle Details
REJEWB Reject Eway Bill
UPDATETRANSPORTER Update Transporter Details
EXTENDVALIDITY Extend Validity of EwayBill
GENCEWB Generate Consolidated EwayBill
REGENTRIPSHEET Regenerate Consolidated EwayBill/TripSheet
CANEWB Cancel EwayBill
GSPOTP Get OTP to Register GSTIN with GSP on NIC
GSPREG Register GSTIN with GSP on NIC
printewb Print EwayBill
printcewb Print Consolidated EwayBill


API NAME Description
Minimum Quantity VB.Net/ Java/ PHP
API Supported in Check Validity of Access Token
Software Requirement Billing/ ERP/ Accounting
Service Type Passthough Eway Bill API
Integration Cost Rs 15,000.00 + 18% GST
Price Slab 40,000 API – 0.19/API + 18% GST
40,001 to 60,000 API – 0.17/API + 18% GST
60,001 to 80,000 API – 0.15/API + 18% GST
80,001 to 1,00,000 API – 0.13/API + 18% GST
Above 1,00,000 APIs
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