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Complete accounting & tax automation

TaxRaahi is a ‘one solution’ for all your accounting services It connects business accounting, GST, ITR & TDS filings systems So that everything related to a client can be managed via one software.

Easy & intuitive GST software

TaxRaahi GST software is 40% faster than other systems.

It let’s you track and file GST returns in less than 15 mins

  • Import data from Excel or Tally
  • One-window reconciliation
  • Mismatch notifications
  • HSN-finder
  • Supports ecommerce import
  • Multi-GSIN

India’s top ITR filing software

ITR filing is free at TaxRaahiITR. Taxraahi is a registered efiling intermediary and allows you to file directly. It comes with several features:

  • Previous year return import
  • Form 16 & 26AS import
  • No DSC required
  • File in less than 5mins

TDS filing made easy with our TDS software

TaxRaahiTDS software ensures that your TDS return is 100% accurate.
It comes packed with 20+ features to help accountants.

  • Excel Import
  • PAN & TAN verification
  • FVU generation & submission
  • Auto challan verification
  • Form 16 & 16A generation
  • TDS computation

Accountants life made easy!

Interact with your clients via our app, automated emails, message and online platform. Spend more time focussing on customers and less on data entry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Taxes are either paid in form of TDS i.e. tax is deducted when the income is earned or in form of Advance taxes wherein a person assumes his tax liability in advance and makes a quarterly payment on estimation basis. If any balance tax is unpaid at the time of filing of return then it is paid as Self-Assessment Tax.
Rather than displaying countless fields with an official looking Excel/Java utility of Govt. that contains limited descriptions – one has to keep looking for set of instructions to understand what is to be entered in each column our ITR Software is extremely intuitive and easy to understand.

Simplifying taxes for you : We have broken down the complex process of filing income tax return into a series of tabs/windows where you are asked questions in an interview style so that you do not miss out on important forms or schedules. Rather than flooding you with irrelevant and less common questions. TaxRaahi software makes sure that you are asked questions that are likely to be applicable to you. You can choose in the beginning which section you want to work on and eliminate the sections not applicable to you. Our software also places help tooltips against questions making it a less confusing and time saving solution for filing income tax return.

Fully Automated : While you are answering simple questions about your income and expenses our software automatically computes and prepares your tax return in the background. It is software well suited for both first time and experienced fillers who are looking for affordable options to file ITR Return. We offer plans suited for those as well who want to file ITRs in bulk.

Importing Feature : You can import Form 16 PDF format & automatically fill in the tax fields, eliminating the need to punch in data manually. You can also import form 26AS automatically from our software to match the tax credit entries and thus saving time in filing your return.

User Friendly : It has a clean interface with a step by step process also letting you easily navigate back and forth unlike the cluttered and confusing government utility. Questions are simply worded with tooltips and suggestions on how to answer.

Excellent Customer Service : To assist you we have a customer support team to provide assistance on both chat and phone, learn section with 100+ articles and guides. If you find that your financial information is too complex you can consult our tax professionals and Buy our CA-Assisted plans to file your Income Tax Return.

Return filing at TaxRaahi is free upto 10 returns. You can file return thereafter for a price as low as Rs. 19.
No you are not required to upload the xml manually on ITR e-filing website. Our software is fully integrated with efiling government portal. Hence your complete return filing process can be completed with our software.
Yes, you can import Form 16 in PDF format which automatically fills in the fields for you eliminating the need to punch in information manually. You can also import form 26AS automatically from our software to match the tax credit entries and thus saving time in filing your return.
While you are answering simple questions about your income and expenses our software automatically computes your taxes and prepares tax return in the background. You can review you income tax return in Review and Submit Tab. You can navigate back to add, delete or modify info.
The type of return form in which you should file your return varies as per the category of assesse. For Individuals/HUF: ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3, and ITR-4.
ITR 1 : Income from Other sources, Salary, Pension, Income from up to 1 house, Agriculture Income less than Rs. 5000 and Total Income is less than Rs. 50 lakh.
ITR 2 : Individuals and HUF having Income from items in ITR 1 which is more than Rs. 50 lakh, Income from capital gains, Foreign Income, Agricultural Income more than Rs. 5000, Income from Business or Profession under a Partnership firm.
ITR 3 : For Individuals and HUF having Income from items mentioned in ITR 2, Income from Business or Profession under a Proprietorship Firm.
ITR 4 :Income from presumptive business as Section 44AD – Business (Deemed Profit-8% or 6%), Section 44ADA – Profession (Deemed Profit-50%), Section 44AE – Transporters (Deemed Profit- Rs. 7500/vehicle per month).
ITR 5 : For Firm, Limited Liability Partnerships, Association of Person, Body of Individuals, Artificial Juridical Persons and Local Authority or Co-operative Society.
ITR 6 : Companies that are not claiming the exemption under Section 11.
ITR 7 : For Section 139(4A), Section 139(4B), Section 139(4C) and Section 139(4D).
On the basis of incomes entered, the type of ITR is to be filed and is determined automatically.

Presumptive Taxation Scheme is a scheme for small taxpayers where they can opt for the scheme and declare income at a prescribed rate and he is also relieved from maintaining the books of accounts.
There are three sections under Presumptive Taxation Scheme as :
Gross Turnover means amount received or due to be received for supplying goods or services before deducting any expenses.
Under the section 44AD, if a small businessman having a turnover less than Rs 2 Crore and declare the profits at 8% of gross receipts (6% in digital receipts) can opt this scheme. No need to maintain books of accounts of the business. The assessee is not allowed to deduct any business expenses against the income under presumptive taxation scheme. In this scheme, you have to pay 100% Advance tax by 15th of March.
Earlier the benefit of Presumptive taxation scheme was only to Businesses but now this benefit is also to professionals. It is applicable to those professionals whose total gross receipts are not more than Rs. 50 lakhs in a financial year. It is applicable only to a resident assessee i.e. an individual, HUF or Partnership but not LLP.The Persons engaged in the following profession can opt for this presumptive taxation scheme as follows Medical, Engineering, Legal, Architectural Profession, Accountancy Profession, Technical Consultancy, Interior Decoration, Other Notified Professionals, Authorized representatives, Film Artists, Certain Sports related person, Company Secretaries and Information Technology.
Professionals who opt for the presumptive scheme are not required to maintain books of accounts.
Section 44AD : Taxpayers who are engaged in business (other than plying, hiring or leasing of goods carriage) and whose gross turnover/receipts during a financial year do not exceed Rs. 2 crore.
Section 44ADA : Taxpayers Taxpayers who are engaged in profession and whose gross receipts during a financial year do not exceed Rs. 50 lakhs.
Section 44AE : Taxpayers who are in the business of Plying, hiring or leasing of goods carriages not owing more than 10 goods carriage.